Testimonials & Hall of Fame

Patrick Van Buren

Dear Mrs. Liz, Al, and all of the Dussich family,

Thank you, all of you, for the constant support I have received throughout the years. Without this organization of wonderful people, I would not be the dancer/person I am today. Nor do I think I would have the aspirations and motivation push myself as far as I need to in order to achieve wh...at I want in life. Dancing has always been my escape from the pressures that life lays upon me, but can potentially become more overwhelming than the rest given the environment I'm in. It's happened many times and places throughout my life, but never when taking at Dussich. Every time I set foot onto that floor, I feel as comfortable as I would while dancing around my living room/kitchen/bedroom/bathroom. The place simply makes me feel at home. What I'm saying is, among having excellent teachers and a well planned curriculum, the environment was exactly what I needed as an adolescent to keep me on the path I've chosen. If it wasn't for Dussich Dance Studio, you can be sure I wouldn't be the well rounded, happy, dancing person that I am today. Again, thank you so much for all you have given me!

Yours Truly,
Patrick VanBuren (currently Soloist with the Cloumbia City Ballet)

Kira Townend

Kira Received a scholarship to the Harid Conservatory Ballet School. After graduation, she went on to dance with the North Carolina dance Theater and Montgomery Ballet.

Stephanie Young McCluney

Stephanie graduated from Palm Beach University and performed with Lululemon Athletica and Klein dance Company and is now the owner and instructor of Tight Tummies Pilates.

Dara Jean Fischetti

I had the pleasure of learning dance from Mrs. Liz as a young girl. I remember looking forward to going to dance classes after school when I was 12 years old. Dussich Dance Studio was an awesome place to learn and the support I received from all the teachers there made all the difference. I loved all the classes from Ballet to jazz/hip hop. I made such wonderful friends in the classes and that made my experience even better. Mrs. Liz also taught us to be supportive of the other dancers and it felt like we were a family. Her expertise went much further than just teaching dance, she helped me prepare for many dance auditions as well. Knowing how to audition gave me the edge I needed to be chosen to be in the Disney Parades. This was just the beginning of my career as a dancer/performer. I began dancing/performing at Walt Disney World, EPCOT,  Universal Studios, Cruise Ships and The Orlando Magic Dancer Girls(Basketball). My career as a dancer/singer/actress/performer continued for many years and then I went on to become a Stuntwoman. Without Mrs. Liz. and everyone at Dussich Dance studio I don't know if I would have had the skills and courage to make it as I performer for over 15 years! Thank you Mrs. Liz.

Niki Townend Ross

Niki Received her Bachelors in Dance at the University of South Florida and is now teaching Behavioral Health  in Tampa

Peter Chu

Peter received a 4 year scholarship to the Julliard School & received the Hector Zaraspe Award for choreography.  He spent 2 years with Montreal Jazz and 3 years performing with Celine Dion in her show in Las Vegas.  He formed his own project-base dance company.  Chuthis

Todd Shanks

Todd went on to study at Steps on Broadway . Broadway Dance center and was mentored closely by Bill Hotaling.  He is currently a full time artist in Residence at Dean College on faculty at Boston Ballet School and is teaching on tour with Manhattan Dance Project and Dance Educators of America

Robert Hill

Robert Hill continues with his vision for Orlando Ballet to make ballet relevant to today’s audiences. Mr. Hill blends modern entertainment with classical ballet and his choreography has been critically acclaimed as energetic, graceful and theatrically beautiful. Under his direction, artistic collaborations have developed with other organizations such as Central Florida Community Arts, Opera Orlando, Garden Theatre, Creative City Project, The Abbey, The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park, the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and Cirque du Soleil.

Mr. Hill has been a principal dancer with ABT, The Royal Ballet, and the New York City Ballet. As a guest artist, he has appeared with numerous companies including the Scottish Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet, and the Australian Ballet. Mr. Hill’s interpretation of the title role in John Cranko’s Onegin, opposite Julie Kent as Tatiana, presented at the Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center by ABT, was selected by the New York Times as one of the “Ten Best Moments in Dance” in 2002.

Mr. Hill is especially grateful to the loving dedication he received in his initial training with Liz Bevilacqua and Al Packard of The Dussich Dance Studio, and with Phyllis Papa of the Atlantic City Ballet.